Various Types Of Cars And Their Importance

If one could call a non-living thing to be a human’s best friend then a car could have definitely managed to win the title for it. With a car a human can go to places and it can be used for any given purpose of travelling. In this article the main aim would be to classify the cars in their common categories and enlighten people with the very little fact that they are unaware of. This article mainly focuses on various types of common cars that one gets to hear or see around them. The following list will give people an idea of the same.

The following types of cars are generally known by name or by look to many. But many among these are still unaware to the common tribe.


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The Sports Car:

The term is enough for people to know that exactly why this is used. The sports car is definitely meant for people with high adrenaline rush. These people love to take their life as a challenge and the sports car definitely helps them in proving it. A sports car can be of many types:

  • A sports sedan:

A sport sedan can be a name given to any sedan which appears sporty along with enhanced motor parts meant for the sports. But it is not necessary for a sport sedan to participate in the race only. Many of the time the high performance of the cars gets them this name. Examples of these cars are that of Mitshubishi Lancer, and BMW M5.

  • A Muscle car:

The “F&F” movies were enough for people to know all about this car. It is basically a car which is American made and has a V8 engine in it. Mostly these cars are famous for their two doors and speed. Examples of these cars are the Ford Torino, Montiac GTO and Valiant Charger.

  • A Convertible:

These cars definitely have style to their speed no doubt. They come with the convertible roof feature which allows the roof to move. The examples of these cars are the Honda S2000 and the Volkswagen Eos.

There are many other types of sports cars and this list is not big enough to fit them all.

The Family Cars:

The family cars are the ones that are only meant for a family. They are for long rides or shopping or a small outing and can be regularly used. The family cars are definitely one of the most sold ones. It is because of the need of it with every family. The classification of these cars is very simple. They are as following:

  • The small family cars:

This particular car is for the families that are not too big and it can be very well understood from the name only. Generally they are supposed to sport engines measuring from 1.4 to about 2.5 ltrs. Also they can range from a mere 167 inches to a maximum of 177 inches in length. These cars are the reason why any family can enjoy their time together. Also these cars can accumulate up to five adults. The examples of these cars are: Toyota Auris, the Vauxhall Astra cars. These Vauxhall Astra cars are really great family hatch backs that one can own.

  • The large family cars:

These cars are meant for big families. These cars are generally for group of big friends or people having a fantasy about the large cars despite having a small family or indeed if they have large family. The examples of these cars are: The Vauxhall Insignia, the Mazda6 etc.

The family cars are definitely one of the most wanted and sold cars every year. And this is the reason why most of the companies are coming up with various family car models every given month.

The Luxury Cars:

These cars definitely need no introduction. These are the rare and exclusive models. They are costly and worth every penny spend on them as they are what one can say in one term “Luxurious”. These cars are definitely the very best on their own. They provide people with the utmost comfort that they can imagine of. The following list will give one an idea of the classification of the luxury cars:

  • The Compact Luxury cars:

One can define these cars to be the entry level cars in the category of the luxury cars. They are basically the size of a small family car but have a comfort and luxury that no one will deny in experiencing. The examples of these cars are: The Audi A4 and the Mercedes Benz C Class.

  • The Executive Luxury cars:

These cars are very much mid-sized. They have their own level of upgraded luxury features too. The technology used in these cars is definitely many times better than that of the normal family car. The examples of these cars can be: the Mercedes E Class, The Jaguar XF etc.

  • High End Luxury Cars:

These cars no doubt are the best in terms of technology. They are full sized and generally have the V8 engines to support them. These cars definitely are the most advanced in the automotive technology and have few brands that are the most recognizable in the world. Few examples of these cars are: The Audi 8, BMW 7 series, the Mercedes Benz S class.

  • The Ultra Luxury Cars:

These cars definitely need no definition. They literally cost more than a $100,000. These cars include the great brands of Bentley and Rolls Royce without any doubt. The Audi A6 and the BMW 550i can be considered a part of this list.

There are few other luxury cars too. These cars are almost irreplaceable. There is also a luxury suv crossover car. These are also very much expensive and luxurious.

With the list of above cars mentioned one must know that there are other cars too. These belong to the economy range of cars category and also the commercial cars. There are also the off road cars. One should remember that regular servicing of the cars are the only way they can keep them perfect for the longest period of time, no matter what category they belong to.